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Gjoa Haven
Cambridge Bay
Resolute Bay
Arctic Bay
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Pond Inlet
Rankin Inlet
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Accommodation/Restaurant Services
Bed and breakfast inns
Beverage (e.g., coffee, juice, soft drink) bars, nonalcoholic, fixed location
Canteens, fixed location
Coffee shops, on premise brewing
Confectionery snack shops, made on premises with carryout services
Fishing camps with accommodation facilities
Full service restaurants
Hotels (except casino hotels)
Restaurants, carryout
Restaurants, fast food
Take out eating places
Single Dwelling Units - Rental & Leasing
Apartment Rental
Boarding Home Services
Construction of Camp Site
House Keeping Services
Air Transportation Services
Aircraft charter services, passenger
Airmail carriers, scheduled
Cargo carriers, air, scheduled
Freight transportation, air, charter services
Freight transportation, air, nonscheduled
Helicopter passenger carriers (except scenic, sightseeing), nonscheduled
Helicopter passenger carriers, scheduled
Nonscheduled air passenger transportation
Passenger air transportation, nonscheduled
Air cargo carriers (except air couriers), scheduled
Air passenger carriers, scheduled
Medical Aviation Services
Automotive Services
Car washes
General automotive repair shops
Light utility truck dealers, new only or new and used
Mobile car and truck washes
Motor vehicle towing services
New car dealers
Off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), wheeled or tracked, dealers
Outboard motor repair shops
Paint shops, automotive
Small engine repair and maintenance shops
Snowmobile dealers
Sporting equipment repair and maintenance without retailing new sports equipment
Tire repair shops (except retreading), automotive
Tow truck services
All-terrain vehicle (ATV) dealers
ATV/Snowmobile Rentals
Automobile dealers, new only or new and used
Automobile rental
Automobile dealers, used only
light, commercial and industrial tires
Communications Services
Film studios producing films
Internet service providers, using client-supplied telecommunications (e.g., dial-up ISPs)
Internet service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure (e.g., cable, DSL)
Musical recording, releasing, promoting, and distributing
News reporting services
Radio broadcasting networks
Tape transfer service
Teleconferencing services
Television show production
Video production
Videoconferencing services
VoIP service providers, using own operated wired telecommunications infrastructure
Web hosting
Audio System Setup/Rental
Cable television distribution services
Cellular telephone services
Professional equipment sales
Digital Media Production
Interpreting/Translations to Inuktitut/English
Interpreting Translations Inuktitut English
Inuinnaqtun Translations
Construction Services
Duplex (i.e., side-by-side) construction general contractors
Duplex operative builders
Environmental remediation services
Explosive Supplies
Explosive Supply Contractors
Floor laying, scraping, finishing and refinishing
High-rise apartment construction general contractors
Home builders (except operative), multifamily
Home builders (except operative), single-family
Home builders, operative
Home renovation
Housing, single-family, construction general contractors
Masonry contractors
Modular house assembly on site by general contractors
Oil spill cleanup services
Pier construction
Precut multifamily housing assembled on site by general contractors
Premanufactured housing assembly on site by general contractors
Remediation and clean up of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or ground water
Remediation services, environmental
Residential construction, multifamily, general contractors
Residential construction, single-family, general contractors
Row house (i.e., single-family type) construction general contractors
Row house construction operative builders
Site remediation services
Soil remediation services
Structural steel erecting or iron work contractors
Tank cleaning and disposal services, commercial or industrial
Waste collection services, hazardous
Waste collection services, nonhazardous solid
Welding, on site, contractors
Airport runway construction
Apartment building construction general contractors
Apartment building operative builders
Bricklaying contractors
Causeway construction
Commercial building construction
Concrete paving (i.e., highway, road, street, public sidewalk)
Condominium, single-family, construction general contractors
Construction management, commercial and institutional building
Construction management, industrial building (except warehouses)
Construction management, single-family building
Site Preparation, General Contracting, Heavy Civil Earthworks
Oil Field Development and Services
Construction Management: Site Earworks and Infrastructure
Piling Services
Waste Management - Inci
Water damage and mold remediation
Pump operators, waste water operators, fluid management system technicians. Centrifugal and submersible pump repairs, rebuilds and parts supply
Remote Marine access site clean up
Electrical/Communications Work
Fire alarm system, electric, installation only
Humidity control system installation
Lighting system installation
Security and fire system, installation only
Smoke detection system, installation only
Sound equipment installation
Surveillance system, installation only
Telecommunications equipment and wiring (except transmission line) installation contractors
Telephone equipment and building wiring installation
Temperature control system installation
Airport runway lighting contractors
Alarm system (e.g., fire, burglar), electric, installation only
Audio equipment installation (except automotive) contractors
Burglar alarm system, electric, installation only
Communication equipment installation
Computer and network cable installation
Control system (e.g., environmental, humidity, temperature) installation
Electric contracting
Powerline Hardware Supply
Mining Electric Services
Ground Transportation Services
School bus services
Van lines, moving and storage services
Bulk liquids trucking, local
Bus rental or leasing
Cab (i.e., taxi) services
General freight trucking, local
Van & Car Paient Services
Marshalling Services
Harvesting, Guiding & Remote Camp Site Services & Goods
Hunting camps with accommodation facilities
Hunting equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
Hunting guide services
Migrant workers' camps
Remote Camp Custodial Services
Remote Camp Site Logistical Set Up
Remote Camp Site Medical Services
Camp Site Security Services
Fish, packaged frozen, merchant wholesalers
Guide services (i.e., fishing, hunting, tourist)
Heavy Equipment Operations
Heavy machinery and equipment repair and maintenance services
Pile driving, building foundation
Trenching (except underwater)
Backfilling, construction
Building demolition
Bulldozer rental with operator
Construction equipment (except crane) rental with operator
Excavating, earthmoving, or land clearing contractors
Equipment Supply
[:en]Sowcat Rental with Operator[:]
HVAC/Plumbing & Heating Work
Kitchen sink and hardware installation
Mechanical contractors
Pipe, duct and boiler insulation
Plumbing and heating contractors
Plumbing fixture installation
Process piping installation
Pumping system, water, installation
Refrigeration system (e.g., commercial, industrial, scientific) installation
Sheet metal duct work installation
Water heater installation
Air vent installation
Air-conditioning system (except window) installation
Bathroom plumbing fixture and sanitary ware installation
Boiler and pipe insulation installation
Boiler, heating, installation
Commercial freezer installation
Commercial kitchen food preparation equipment (e.g., mixers, ovens, stoves) installation
Commercial refrigeration system installation
Dry heating equipment installation
Duct work (e.g., cooling, dust collection, exhaust, heating, ventilation) installation
Elevator installation
Fire sprinkler system installation
Fuel oil burner installation
Furnace installation
Heating and cooling duct work installation
Heating contractors
Heating equipment installation
Hot water tank installation
Household oil storage tank installation
HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) contractors
Indoor Renovation/Construction
Insulation contractors
Linoleum, installation only
Office furniture, modular system, installation
Painting and wallpapering
Roof insulation contractor
Taping and finishing drywall
Tile (except resilient) contractors
Window installation
Carpentry work (except framing)
Carpet, installation only
Door and window frame construction
Drywall contractors
Finish carpentry
Floor tile and sheets, installation only
Hardwood flooring, installation only
House painting
Joint Venture Contracting
Marine & Marine Transport Services
Marine cargo handling services
Marine supply dealers
Marine Surveying Services
Boat dealers, new and used
Boat, fishing charter, operation
Fishing boat, commercial, building
Boat dealers, used only
Dock, Wharf Design and Installation
Marine Transportation Services, Lightering
Fuel Supply and Transportation
Mining/Oil & Gas
Natural gas production
Natural gas, offshore production
Nickel concentrates recovery
Nickel ore beneficiating plants
Nickel ore mine site development for own account
Nickel ores mining and/or beneficiating
Nonmetallic minerals mining support services (e.g., blasting, shaft sinking, tunneling) (except site preparation and related construction contractor activities)on a contract basis
Offshore crude petroleum production
Offshore natural gas production
Oil and gas field development for own account
Oil and gas field exploration for own account
Oil and gas well drilling services (redrilling, spudding, tailing) on a contract basis
Oil well drilling on a contract basis
Pebbles (except grinding) mining and/or beneficiating
Petroleum, crude, production (i.e., extraction)
Prospect and test drilling services for nonmetallic mineral mining (except fuels) on a contract basis
Rare earth metal concentrates beneficiating
Rare earth metal ores mining and/or beneficiating
Reconditioning oil and gas field wells on a contract basis
Reworking oil and gas wells on a contract basis
Sand and gravel quarrying (i.e., construction grade) and/or beneficiating
Sand, construction grade, quarrying and/or beneficiating
Service well drilling on a contract basis
Servicing oil and gas wells on a contract basis
Shot hole drilling, oil and gas field, on a contract basis
Silver ores mining and/or beneficiating
Test drilling for metal mining on a contract basis
Tin metal concentrates beneficiating
Tin metal ores mining and/or beneficiating
Uraninite (pitchblende) mining and/or beneficiating
Uranium ores mining and/or beneficiating
Uranium-radium-vanadium ore mine site development for own account
Uranium-radium-vanadium ores mining and/or beneficiating
Well surveying, oil and gas field, on a contract basis
Zinc ore mine site development for own account
Zinc ores mining and/or beneficiating
Blasting services, metal mining, on a contract basis
Blasting services, nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuels) on a contract basis
Boring test holes for metal mining on a contract basis
Boring test holes for nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuels) on a contract basis
Cobalt concentrates beneficiating
Cobalt ores mining and/or beneficiating
Construction sand and gravel beneficiating (e.g., grinding, screening, washing)
Construction sand or gravel dredging
Copper ore concentrates recovery
Copper ore mine site development for own account
Copper ores mining and/or beneficiating
Crude petroleum production
Crude petroleum production
Diamonds, industrial, mining and/or beneficiating
Directional drilling of oil and gas wells on a contract basis
Distribution of manufactured gas
Distribution of natural gas
Drilling directional oil and gas field wells on a contract basis
Drilling for gas on a contract basis
Drilling for oil on a contract basis
Drilling gas and oil field wells on a contract basis
Drilling oil and gas field service wells on a contract basis
Drilling services for metal mining on a contract basis
Drilling services for nonmetallic mineral (except fuels) mining on a contract basis
Drilling shot holes at oil and gas fields on a contract basis
Drilling site preparation at oil and gas fields on a contract basis
Drilling water intake wells, oil and gas field on a contract basis
Exploration services for metal (except geophysical surveying and mapping) on a contract basis
Exploration services for nonmetallic minerals (except geophysical surveying and mapping) on a contract basis
Gas well drilling on a contract basis
Gas well rig building, repairing, and dismantling on a contract basis
Gas, natural, extraction
Gasoline stations with convenience stores
Gasoline stations without convenience stores
Gasoline, natural, production
Gem stone (e.g., amethyst, garnet, agate, ruby, sapphire, jade) mining and/or beneficiating
Geological exploration (except surveying) for oil and gas on a contract basis
Geophysical exploration (except surveying) for oil and gas on a contract basis
Gold ore mine site development for own account
Gold ore mining and/or beneficiating plants
Gold ores, concentrates, bullion, and/or precipitates mining and/or beneficiating
Gravel quarrying and/or beneficiating
Iron ore (e.g., hematite, magnetite, siderite, taconite) mining and/or beneficiating
Iron ore agglomerates mining and/or beneficiating
Iron ore beneficiating plants (e.g., agglomeration, sintering)
Iron ore mine site development for own account
Iron ore, blocked, mining and/or beneficiating
Lead ore mine site development for own account
Lead ore mining and/or beneficiating
Lead-zinc ore mining and/or beneficiating
Metal mining support services (shaft sinking, tunneling, blasting) (except site preparation and related construction contractor activities)
Mine development (except site preparation and related construction contractor activities) for metal mining on a contract basis
Mine development for nonmetallic minerals mining (except fuels) on a contract basis
Mine tunneling services for nonmetallic minerals (except fuels) on a contract basis
Bridge Design/Installations
Surface and underground mining maintenance, shop and mill worker rental
Professional Services
Real estate law offices
Security guard services
Site location consulting services
Temporary employment services
Trade development program administration
Travel Brokerage Services
Veterinarians' practices
Veterinary clinics
Accounting (i.e., CPAs) services, certified public
Architectural (except landscape) services
Art services, graphic
Art studios, commercial
Barristers' private practices
Bookkeeping services
Business management services
City planning services
Construction engineering services
Custodial services
Economic consulting services
Electrical engineering services
Employment agencies
Energy consulting services
Environmental consulting services
Eyeglasses merchant wholesalers
Geological engineering services
Geological surveying services
Geophysical engineering services
Geophysical surveying services
Graphic art and related design services
Health program administration
Holding companies that manage
Insurance Brokers
Language services (e.g., interpretation, sign, translation)
Law offices
Legal aid services
Logistics management consulting services
Marine engineering services
Marketing consulting services
Marketing consulting services
Mining engineering services
Notary public services
Optometrists' offices (e.g., centers, clinics)
Carpet Cleaning
Travel Management Services
Dental Services
Community Engagement and Relations, facilitating
Community Engagement & Relations, Facilitating
HR Recruitment, employment and training services
[:en]Fuel Delivery Services[:]
Human Resources Recruitment
Photography and print services Publication production printing, writing, Website production
Inuinnaqtun Translations
Boarding Home Services with meals and Shuttle Services
Hair Salon
Real Estate Services
Residential property managing
Apartment building rental or leasing
Commercial building rental or leasing
Commercial property managing
Concert hall, no promotion of events, rental or leasing
Houses rental or leasing
Office building rental or leasing
Real estate agencies
Retail Trade Services
Seafood markets
Sewing machine stores, household-type
Software stores, computer
Sporting goods stores
Toy stores
Wallpaper and wall coverings stores
Apparel stores, children's and infants' clothing
Apparel stores, men's and boys' clothing
Apparel stores, women's and girls' clothing
Appliance stores, household-type
Art dealers
Athletic clothing and footwear
Auto supply stores
Book stores
Building materials supply dealers
Cellular telephone stores
Computer equipment stores
Confectionery stores, packaged, retailing only
Consumer-type electronic stores (e.g., radio, television, video camera)
Convenience food stores
Data communications equipment
Electronic part and component stores
Fabric shops
Fish markets
Fish Processing Plant
Gasoline stations without convenience stores
Gasoline with convenience stores
General stores
Gift shops
Glass stores
Grocery stores
Gun shops
Handtools, power-driven, repair and maintenance services retailing new power-driven handtools
Hardware stores
Hobby shops
Homefurnishings stores
Household-type appliance stores
Housewares stores
Internet retail sales sites
Kitchenware stores
Lighting fixture stores
Lumber retailing yards
Magazine stands (i.e., permanent)
Needlecraft sewing supply stores
Office furniture stores
Office supplies (except furniture, machines) merchant wholesalers
Outdoor sporting equipment stores
Paint stores
Pharmaceuticals merchant wholesalers
Plumbing supply stores
Promotional Product Retail Services
Propane bulk stations and terminals
Custodial Supplies
[:en]Consumer-type electronic store- photo cameras, lenses and photo printers
Photo Prints
Utilities Services
Waste collection, treatment, and disposal through a sewer system
Water filtration plant operation
Water supply systems
Water treatment and distribution
Water treatment plants
Collection, treatment, and disposal of waste through a sewer system
Electric power control
Electric power generation, (except fossil fuel, hydroelectric, nuclear)
Electric power generation, fossil fuel (e.g., coal, oil, gas)
Electric power generation, solar
Electric power generation, tidal
Electric power generation, wind
Electric power transmission systems
Hydroelectric power generation
Sewage disposal plants
Sewage treatment plants or facilities
Sewer systems
[:en]Fuel Delivery Services[:]
Supply fleet rental, sale of modular camp equipment
Supply and operation of Industrial incinerators
camp ma
Barge and Lightering
Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades
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