Notice to public:
we are experiencing temporary technical issues with the online registry, which may affect the completeness of the data base.
Please contact Janet Nowdluk – if you wish to verify the status of a particular firm.

Our Mandate is to…

  • Maintain and promote the Inuit Firm Registry
  • Assert Inuit Economic Rights and Benefits
  • Support Inuit in developing the Nunavut economy

With its main purpose to implement Article 24 under the Nunavut Agreement, the NTI Policy & Planning Division is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the Inuit Firm Registry.

“Inuit Firm” means an entity which complies with the legal requirements to carry on business in the Nunavut Settlement Area, and which is:

a) a limited company with at least 51% of the company’s voting shares beneficially owned by Inuit, or
b) a cooperative controlled by Inuit, or
c) an Inuk sole proprietorship or partnership

There are three different classes of Inuit ownership within the Inuit Firm Registry that does not reflect in any other capacity outside of this database and the intention of the Inuit Firm Registry.

Class 1 – 51%-75% Inuit Ownership

Class 2 – 76%-99% Inuit Ownership

Class 3 – 100% Inuit Ownership